Electricity crisis in Tamilnadu

June 07 2016 10 AM, Sithalapakkam, Chennai

Power situation in Tamilnadu still sucks. I am writing this blog and I am getting drenched in sweat, but Jayalalitha is in her cozy room or car, in an marvelous air conditioned environment without her makeup been disturbed. And her party men says “she loves us!!”. Fuck.

Jaya has done one thing, I am quiet sure she has made the state stand atop of the nation when it came to power cuts. There was mild rain yesterday night, thats it, and there were some lightning. Okay they took off power when there was lightning, but what now? Its morning, its getting hotter and still no power.

Wonder what will thousands of households that need power for hot water bath and for cooking will do? This fat woman would have had nice breakfast from her chefs any way, because “she loves us!!”. Fuck.

Think, a simple lightning, and a power is off. Thats how superior Tamilnadu’s electrical technology is. In her six time rein over Tamilnadu, this woman who loves us, loved us so much there isn’t a single engineer recruited nor infrastructure beefed up to keep our power when there is mild lightning.

The DMK is no better. I wonder what the state would become? I wonder why didn’t the people see the alternative? Looks like its time for the state to fall into abyss.


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