Free software weekends

Am planning to launch free software weekends. That is, though many students graduate out of engineering and science / math field, they simply don’t know what free software is, and people who do have a faint idea really don’t know what free software is,  even if people managed to know it, they really don’t know how to use it and make their computational experience safe.

Many industries still think free software means non commercial. Well, every one knows or can easily learn how to make masal doasai, but this does not bankrupt MTR hotel. Masal dosai does sell well there.

Free software weekends work like this. Group of free software enthusiast gather, they invite industrialist, students, children and any other people who are interested about free software and educate them. It goes from telling children to learn programming in Scratch, to telling businesses to replace Windows with Linux, replacing Microsoft office with Libre office, to the extent of kindling amateurs to create world class free software that would change the world on its head.

The software world is a dangerous place. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and many more are looking for an opportunity to eliminate free software so that they could profit from your computing experience and could shackled you. The world must be saved. For me to conduct free software weekend in your office / school / college, call 94440-18524 . My name is Karthikeyan A K.


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