Telugu men should stop being prostitutes

June 9, 2016, 10:40 PM

Money for sex is prostitution. I was talking to my friend about my marriage and how expenses are spiraling out and how I am struggling, then a very senior Telugu guy (who is also my friend) came, he over heard my conversation and said that I must be receiving lot of money from the girls family and so I need not worry. He might have meant it as a joke, but i was hurt.

Its not just receiving money, when money for sex is received, its essentially prostitution. I am not a person who does that. Telugu people, that is their men are mostly prostitutes, so perhaps they assume other people as well are. They are one of the most highly paid prostitutes in India and perhaps the world, and they seems to be proud about it.

I am not defending people of my lingua the Tamils. Most Tamil men are prostitutes too. But definitely not like Telugus, everyone knows that. Telugu men with dignity should be ashamed of their culture and must turn the tide, but I don’t think thats happening.

Its not just prostitution, its about ones dignity. One must accept a life partner only if one is sure that he will be able to be a good company and is resourceful enough to satisfy her, else why need an marriage?

The worst thing is that Telugu guy equated me to him, a prostitute, some one who gets money to satisfy a girl. Never will I be a person like that, my dignity is my dignity.

To say that truth, even in my company I never raised a voice for my appraisal, what I get, I get. Being such a character, to see some one virtually calling me a prostitute is insulting. In fact dowry is an insult to dignity of entire manhood. I wish we men avoid it.


2 thoughts on “Telugu men should stop being prostitutes

  1. Its foolish to think that all telugu men accepts dowry. Two of my cousins married without any dowry and its not a love marriage. It depends on people rather than caste,region etc.

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