Wishing for Scottish independence

Brits are evil, they paupered my nation India and split it into two. Their well being is because they looted the colonies. Had Ireland had lot of wealth, the Brits would have taken it with iron fist. Still they abuse Irish sovereignty by occupying Northern Ireland. They abuse Argentina by occupying Falklands.

British head weight must end. For some reason Scottish people are looking like cowards. They did fight British bravely, but for some reason they had let Brits occupy them. Now at least people who are brave enough to shed of Britain have a chance to push for independence of Scotland.

While Brits, unable to compete in free economy are walling themselves, of which one activity is to come out of EU, the Scots want to be with the world, compete in the free economy and become a global citizen. As a first step, its better to break with Britain and face the world without the United Kingdom shackle.

Brits power must reduce, reduce till they are nothing. Possibly some nation must conquer them, give them famine just as they killed millions in Bengal famine in India, and Churchill laughed and found joy in it. May his soul rot in hell.


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