Beautiful Islamic Chants

Just woke up, probably Sithalapakkams mosque was calling people to pray to God. This time the chant was beautiful. For long the chant’s uttered in mosques in and around Siithalapakkam was done by donkeys. It was so worst, was just like reading a text rather than singing a song.

Long time ago even dogs joined these chants , it was very interesting phenomenon! There seems to be some harmonic in the chants that made dogs howl too. Possibly some one could use the fact that Islam is a religion thats been recognized not only by humans, but even animals too!

Though I hate religion, and want all religions to be wiped from human mind and rationalism should exist in ones thought, these chants which I heard in this early hours sounded beautiful. Just as beautiful like looking at Islamic calligraphy. You may understand nothing about it, but the singer of the religious text was artistic.

I wonder why women don’t sing Kuran in loud speakers? I reckon it would be more beautiful. If Hinduism can refine itself to let women into Sabarimala, why on earth Islam is finding it difficult to let women take on the role of immams?


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