Thinnai Restaurant in OMR is a cheat

On 7th of July 2016, me and my friends visited Thinnai restaurant in OMR. We visited because it was listed that Chicken briyani combo is 150 rupees.

Well, whats an chicken briyani combo? Usually you will have chicken briyani, with it some addition will be added, in Chennai it will be few pieces of Chicken 65 will be served with it and you will get a bottle of cool drink.

Thinnai’s chicken briyani combo was Rs 150/- , very competitively priced. None goes to thinnai because its a pricey hotel, worthless for the money it demands from us for the food. But this combo looked really good, so we went.

We met our ex-colleague there who was struggling with mutton briyani, the reason? It was rotten. The person in the next table too complained about that, but the waiter was unrelenting and never agreed to their demands and demanded them to eat. Me and my friend ordered the combo.

We were cheated. When the briyani for the combo arrived it was less than half the normal quantity that would be served! They cheated us. They gave only four pieces of chicken 65. It was boneless and tasted okay, but still there were inconsistencies. My friend received two slices of onion with 65, whereas I received only one.

The promised cool drink was never served, and when we asked for it, a small cool drink can which won’t even fill half a tumbler arrived. We were dismayed.

In short Thinnai openly cheats in the name of combo. To our shock, we found out it also serves rotten briyani. It would be great if you avoid it.


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