Power cuts in Sithalapakkam

Monday 11 July 2016 11:35:11 PM IST, Sithalapakkam

Sitting in my home, I am typing this blog in dark, well now the power came. My doubt is, why we are having power cuts. Yesterday I was watching Maalai Murasu T.V which was saying that Tamilnadu is producing excess power and is exporting power to Goa. Well, then why I have powercuts? Today there seem to be four powercuts at my home.

The weather is breezy, then are they cutting power because of the weather? Afraid that winds might cause the lines to cutt and fall down? I am not sure. Then when it is breezy in Poes Garden, is power in Jayalalithaas home getting cut too?

After all Jayalalitha is my servant, I pay her. I wonder how she could sleep well when her master is in dark? Wonder what heck work she and her predecessor Karunanidhi had done?

They say this and that. Though power situation has improved, why am I getting power cuts when I pay my bills properly? And when I can’t sleep, how the heck and who gave the right for my servants and former servants to sleep well?


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