Engineer must be an engineer

Bravery is needed. Without it there would have been no Indian independence. Surely the Brits were mismanaging the country and wave upon wave of people arose against them, until finally the ahimsa movement broke out. It wasn’t the ahimsa movement that got us the independence, it had the power to change the minds of Indian army who then became disloyal to the oppressors. Not knowing what to do and while Hitler had almost destroyed UK and bankrupted it, the Brits had to quit our nation.

We could have failed and still be under the oppressors, but we rose despite many failures. We still are under oppressors, this time the oppressor has our own skin color, they are our politicians. Let see how brave the youth are now 🙂

Bravery is very important for nation building. One must be brave in home and one must be brave in office. This blog is about being brave in office, in tech offices especially. Today the state is such that most tech companies are run by people who don’t know tech. People who don’t know what freedom of thought is. People who don’t know how science, logic and human thought works.People who don’t know what humanness is. But these people have risen to the top of the ladder and control more intelligent people than them. This raises a conflict.

Recently I reviewed a project that made my head spin, lot of silly mistakes in it. When I did ask the developers they said they knew, they were demanded to produce features in no time. They had created almost unmaintainable software that was very difficult to understand. Now lets come back to nation building. Lets say a cop finds out that an MLA’s son had hit and run a child, should he go in the way of the oppressor and stand by the law? What you expect? If you claim yourself as an engineer, should you go by the way of management or strict engineering rules that would form a fine product?

I have been a consultant for long. I have simply refused payment and walked out of project because people above were stupid. When the management went stupid, I revolted, some times they yield, some times they showed me the way out, or I just came out. Almost all the products and companies I came out, are non existent now. They simply vanished.

Unless and until you are not producing a simple app that you are sure that you are using it for your personal purpose, you must apply best engineering and management practice to it. You must be brave enough to face the oppressor. You must believe yourself and must be sure enough that if shown the way out you can get a another job. You may keep hopping till you find a non stupid (they are rare though), but believe me, you will find one.

In I.T industry, humans are the primary resource, the way they are treated determines the fate of a project, organization and possibly the economy as a whole. As an engineer, one must be an engineer and must know to treat fellow engineer as gentlemen, this also mean that you code and stick to discipline so that future people feel easy to carry on your work. If you are job hugging and want to go in the way of stupids, your certificate may say that you are an engineer, but are you?


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