Disadvantage Jayalaitha in Piyush case?

An excellent activist in Salem has been arrested, his name is Piyush. He arranged a people movement and cleaned up a dirty lake in Salem and made it a bird sanctuary. Many good things are said about him which I don’t know. But now he is behind bars for questioning a construction of bridge which is not constructed in  right way its claimed. Its said that he was arrested and tortured in jail by 30 police officials who bet him continuously.

Many see this not as a mere arrest, as the arrest of Piyush has no legality behind it. Its extremely illegal act by police, people say. People are gossiping that if some one tries to rise in Tamilnadu and if Jayalalitha knows about it and gets afraid of that person, she would send police to conduct harassment raids and arrests on them so that they would be scared and would leave public life.

It has happened many times in Tamilnadu. There was a man here who sang about evils of drinking alcohol which is morally the right thing to do, Jayalalitha got him arrested and none knows where he is now. Sale of Alcohol feeds money to AIADMK which is governed by Jaya. Jayalalitha, its claimed by the public that she delayed the release of Vishwaroopam and Thalaiva films as she doesn’t want Kamal and Vijay to get fame.

It is said that she doesn’t like any one else growing above her and becoming famous. That might be true, as if you see AIADMK cutouts, you can only see jayas pic and not the pic of local leaders. If Jaya is dead today, none knows who will lead AIADMK tomorrow, whereas DMK has a clear hereditary plan (which is dirty in many ways too as its designed to favor only few families).

During Chennai floods we people rose up. The government watched our city drown, but soon people set up their own adhoc help networks and brought relief to the city.  A AIADMK minister named Valamarmathy, and others tried to disrupt the supplies that people from other regions sent to Chennai, because they were afraid that Jayalitha’s inefficiencies in managing the flood will be known to people. They seized supplies of food, stuck Jaya’s pic on it and made it look as though its supplied by the government. Help groups which refused to stick Jayas pic on their supplies were harassed and their food thrown out to make it useless.

Now the High Court has hailed Piyush’s work and has said people like him are needed for the society. So is it disadvantage Jaya? She may claim to be our leader, but does people really like her?


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