Why the cow brigade doesn’t attack Hindus and Brahmin’s living abroad?

Hindu Terrorism is slowly growing in India. There is one form of terrorism that focuses on torturing people who eat cows. Before the Aryan invasion, Indians did eat cows. Aryans and Hinduism is in fact a foreign to India. Aadhhi Dravadians, Jarwas (who are cannibals) and Dravidians (who are people from Africa / Indus valley) are the true citizens of India. These people ate cows.

Okay lets come back to the cow brigade. Its kind of an armed gang which seeks out people who eat cows, namely the Muslims, Christians and Dalits. This gang rounds them up and beets them till they swear that they won’t eat cows once again. But is the cow brigade truly keeps Indians from eating cows? No!!!

The cow brigade hasn’t smacked a Hindu or a Brahmin’s who eats cows. Many Brahmin’s and Hindus go abroad, and they eat cows when they are there. Well if the cow brigade has true guts, they must beat up Brahmin’s who go to abroad and step on our land once again. Or should beat up those Hindus who are going abroad and stop them. Will they? Or are they willing to admit they are cowards?


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