Jayalalitha is a liar

I live in Tamilnadu, India. Recently there have been many incidents in Tamilnadu that challenges the rule of law. They have been gory murders, chain snatching, and there has been a classic great train robbery in Tamilnadu. Worst is most police stations don’t take complaints for chain snatching. We are convinced police have nexus with thief’s.

I was in office in OMR when the power went out, it was dark and I decided to go home. I drove to Sholinganallur signal and power over there went out as well. Looks like a cop was there and was  directing traffic, else it would have been utter chaos. I just followed the vehicle before me to clear it.

When I came home to Sithalapakkam, soon after there was a power cut and a another, each lasting for 10 minutes. It happens every day. When the power came a news channel ran on my T.V and in it was Jayalalitha telling the Tamilian parliament that there is no power cut in Tamilnadu and she bragged that rule of law prevails here.


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