Boluchistan is an excellent move

Despite being independent for 70 years, I don’t think Pakistan is a mature state. Unlike us the Indians and our neighbors Bangladesh and Srilankans, all Pakistan did was to go backward to violent culture. Successive governments and military rulers of Pak have tried to stay in power by showing India as a threat and by saying Kashmir should be liberated by terrorism and have neglected their own people. The country is suffering from acute lack of development.

Pakistan has irked India all the time. They tried to break away Punjab from us and now its Kashmir. India on the other hand had always respected territory sovereignty of Pakistan except for the war which liberated Bangladesh. Well, now looks as though India’s patience has run out due to Pak’s harassment.

In Indian Priministers speech, Modi said that Boluchistan will be raised by India to Pakistan. Boluchistan is the largest province in Pakistan, its people have different identity and Pakistan has occupied it illegally ignoring the rights of the people to be independent. Pakistan plunders the natural resources of Boluchistan as its energy rich, and the people of Boluch get almost nothing in return.

We have been quiet about the atrocities that Pakistan is comitting against Boluch, but since PAK’s activities are against us, we must not stay mute any more. I wish Indian government trains Boluch people to conduct warfare against Pak, weapons and money should flow into  Boluch like a torrent. All the PAK’s armies should be actively engaged in Boluch so that we will have our borders free of Pakistan troops who enable to terrorist enter into our territory.

Once Boluchistan gains freedom wee must set up our bases there so that Pakistan cannot easily attack us. I don’t think peace with Pakistan will do us any good, an ultimate war that will either eliminate us or them entirely is the answer.


2 thoughts on “Boluchistan is an excellent move

  1. Giving weapons to Boluchistan wont be a solution. When they are finished with PAK, they will turn back on us. That’s what happened in the histories…BinLanden is an example.

  2. I differ, Pakistan may be a state thats still not matured. We cannot say that the same will happen with Boluchistan. For example, Bangladesh which came away from Pakistan does not support terror officially, though there is some kind of radical internal Islamic movements in that nation.

    It will be great if these nations can see the distinction between religion and politics, but only time will tell.

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