Getting wet in data science

Was going through a data set collected by my friend, to my surprise with some tools he had made quiet good discoveries and was in a position to advice the business on how it should be run. Well, first hand I had experienced data science and it was awesome!

I am getting data fever just like I got fever about web apps when I was using Java swing, and like I got fever about Ruby on Rails just when I was master of PHP. Am learning IPython notebooks now and once done want to goto  Pandas. My first choice of data science was Ruby because of its elegance, but am going on with python because its the industrial standard.

My friend though is using a tool that proprietary , well, he is a windows user, but I want to rely on solid technical foundation and hence am choosing pandas.  But one thing is for sure, if your good at probability and statistics, then data science is the field for you. businesses want to stay ahead of competition, they need some one to interpret their numbers.

Am getting lot of business ideas with data science, lets see where it goes.


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