Compromising security for time

In recent days IOT startups were blamed for not having enough security in their devices, many of them simply don’t have any. Recently I reviewed server side code of an project and it had none, it stunned me. I called those engineers who were doing it before I could call their boss, and it was evident, very evident, the people who did the code were given no time. They were forced to work round the clock with too many changes in too little time. Worst still, the managers who managed them were once programmers!

In many startups, the person who runs it puts a scene that how his hard work and dedication made him to get at that spot, and how he was so poor at something (if not money) and how he battled it and blah blah. Unfortunately what these people don’t understand is motivation is no substitute to truth.

No matter how much you motivate a person and make him do a thousand things in a given time, then you must know that there will be gaps in the boat you build and it will sink when put in water. Some how people who run so called startups fail to recognize that, they think of some thing today night, they are so convinced about themselves that they bug the tech team to finish it before day break. They think they are Steve Jobs.

Well Steve Jobs is an absolute asshole who ruined the life’s of many just because he want to see success. I wonder why people take him as an inspiration? The computer software and hardware it (Steve jobs companies) develops is crap. It spies on you, if U.S government want to read your file system they can from any place, you must listen to Apples terms and conditions to use their computer. Do you really own a computer if you use an Apple? Think about it!

I wonder why my friends make themselves look like an absolute ass before their employees. I wonder what great product could be built if you have money and not intelligent people around you? What worries me is these were once programmers.


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