Nityananda and Windows 10

There is a swamiji in India called Nityananda. He preached austerity, all of a sudden he had a rubbing with a big political family in Tamilnadu and they published a secret video clip of him having affair with an actress on their television network. Publishing ones bedroom scene without the peoples approval is very indecent act, we Tamilians would have more glued our eyes to T.V if they have published Sunnyleons clip, but any way the swamijis austerity was broken.

Though it was broken, people like goats, without any thought, filled with stupidity till the hilt followed him, just like the followers of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft windows sucks, just because it costs it does not mean its superior! Microsoft wants Windows to sell, no matter how stupid it is, so that to create psychological effect of Windows has gone up in tech by bumping up the version number from 8 to 10. Because if they make this windows 9, people will think ‘ya this one is another failed release like Windows 8 just to fill in M$’s pockets’.

But one good thing about Windows users is that they are not utterly stupid like the Mac ones, but they all love to become more stupid by owning a Mac.


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