No wrong with Beep Song

Wonder whats going on in Tamilnadu? The capital and important cities like Chennai, Kadaloore and others are flooded and just now recovering. Our effort should be to rise up quickly and work hard to achieve our leadership in this nation and world, but we are concentrating on bashing the film industry and creative thinkers.

First one of the ministers went against Kamal for questioning the government about floods, and now as that controversy subsided, Silambbarasan, son of an famous actor here is  been targeted and quiet unfairly I would say.

He has released a song that sings about nature of love, thats it. Weather we like it or not, the core is that and thats the truth. If this song should be banned, then books that talks truth of humanity like Darwin’s theory of evolution, Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene should be banned to because certain people do not like it.

People like me who are sober and rationalist don’t like religion, and so that should be banned too. The question is this, should we be a intolerant nation banning every thing or should we be a nation that knows to ignore what we don’t like?

A society can be tolerant only if it entertains difference ideas. A society can have idea that a girl is a symbol of god and a girl is symbol of devil. Nothing wrong in that. I am quiet confident that Tamil girls are smart enough to ignore some one who calls herself devil.

The beep song doesn’t even call a girl devil, it tells some info to guys, that too opinion of a few bunch of people, and I wonder how thats wrong?

We have become a society to ignore politicians and their evil and good,  but concentrate on film stars. Thats sad and pathetic.


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